Welcome to the Vienna Open IXP!

The Vienna Open IXP is an open and neutral Internet Exchange Point in Vienna (Austria).
This Internet Exchange aims to improve network connectivity in Vienna and makes accessability for smaller network operators a priority.

IXP Location

Currently the IXP is only avalible in the following Datacenters:
  • NTT Vienna1 Data Center (VIE1)

Port Fees

Every Member that joins the IXP may recieve one free 1G and 10G Port (Until further notice).
For faster port-speeds please contact noc@voixp.com

Connecting to the IXP

Every Participant is responsible for arranging their own connection (Fiber towards the IXP) at their own expense.

Join the IXP!

Each ISP that is able and willing to meet the Rules is allowed to join the IX.
Please send an Email to noc@voixp.com